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How to Master Virtual Interviews: Tips For Interviewers!

The pandemic has shifted the ways that we hire and interact with our staff. With so many new hiring trends and tips brought to light over the last year, one element of recruiting seems to have remained constant: the best recruiters understand the importance of taking the time to identify the best possible candidates and develop the best possible way to recruit and hire those candidates.

In modern times, recruiters need to quickly determine how well a candidate fits not just the job description, but the company culture as well. This has never been a simple task, but new communication challenges mean that this process now often takes place online – making it much harder to determine whether a candidate is the perfect fit.

Whilst you may not be able to meet your candidates face-to-face for an interview, there are a lot of ways to get to know more about the person you’re interviewing through a computer screen. Here are some practical tips to nail your virtual interviews:

Does Your Tech Meet Your Requirements?

If you’ve finally reached the stage of the hiring process where your next step is to interview your chosen candidates, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider. Is your tech up to date and running efficiently enough to support a lengthy, live video call? Any interviewer’s worst nightmare is their Wi-Fi cutting out mid-Zoom or their laptop crashing before the interview is over.

Having great tech makes the world of difference when you remote interview relies so heavily on your equipment. It’s important to spend time researching the best broadband and gadgets available to you to ensure you have the capacity to live call candidates without interruption.

Is Your Virtual Etiquette Up To Scratch?

Any interviewee who is taking the available position seriously will appreciate time to prepare before an interview – virtual or not.

An interview should be arranged at least 24 hours in advance, with some general guidelines offered to the interviewee – for example, how long you expect the interview will take, who will be included in the interview, and what your interviewee can expect during the process. Make sure to send a formal invitation by email beforehand so that dates and times are clear.

Your (often nervous) interviewee will most likely be putting in the effort to dress the part and ensure that their cameras and audio are set up properly. Show the same consideration for your interviewee by making sure that your audio and video are clear, and that your background (including any people around you) is not too distracting.

Use a Virtual Assessment Tool to Find Your Candidate

Sometimes making use of an external group of professionals or specialized tools can help you identify what exactly is it that you’re looking for in your ideal candidate. Not only can psychometric tests help you find a more suitable candidate for your business, but research shows that they can also assist in saving time and cutting costs, too.

Psychometrics can be tested using various different styles – some psychometrics can even be done to large groups of candidates before the interview phase to save you time and cut sift through candidates to identify those better-suited to the position.

Recruiters often find that interviewees actually thoroughly enjoy doing psychometrics, and may take the role more seriously if they perceive your recruitment process as being thorough, professional and scientifically proven.

Don’t Rush Through Things

Once you’ve completed the above steps, and are finally ready to conduct your virtual interview, take a moment to remind yourself to take things slowly

It might be easier for you to break the ice and begin talking. Start by explaining the role, or describe the company’s current values and work culture. The unfamiliar format of virtual interviews tends to add stress to candidates; so remember to speak slowly and clearly and give them time to answer questions at their own pace. Video interviews can often feel awkward, for both the hiring manager and the candidate. It can be helpful to both parties if you practice beforehand to ensure you’re coming across in a friendly and approachable way. Because you’re speaking to someone through a screen, it may be difficult to make eye contact directly, but you can still put the candidate at ease by being as relaxed and conversational as possible.

Virtual interviews are not vastly different from traditional in-person meetings, but they do require some preparation and forethought if they are going to be conducted effectively. If you’re unsure about where to begin preparing for your virtual interview, it can be helpful to get in touch with your recruiter for some professional assistance.

Virtual interviews can tell you just as much about a candidate as in-person interviews and, when used correctly, can become a lot more efficient, too.

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