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About us

Who We Are

Our story

Supreme Talent is a leading talent acquisition firm based in Brooklyn NY. Our team of experienced recruiters has a proven track record of successfully connecting top talent with great companies across a variety of industries.

Our founder, Sol Jacobs has harnessed over a decade of experience to create a better job matching experience for both employers and candidates. Supreme Talent’s superior job matching process delivers exceptional results by prioritizing open communication and professionalism.

Our focus

Supreme Talent serves as your outsourced direct hire recruiter, connecting you with exceptional C-level and mid-level candidates tailored to your unique hiring goals. We specialize in hiring top talent for a range of departments and industries, from finance to IT.

Our unwavering commitment and solutions-oriented approach ensure that roles are filled precisely with perfect-fit candidates. The result? Superior job seeker satisfaction, higher job retention, and improved business outcomes.

Our people

Supreme Talent's team of top-notch talent recruiters harness extensive experience to successfully place highly-qualified candidates in prestigious companies.

our mission

Creating happy placements

We aim to make matches that result in long-term satisfaction for candidates and employers. While other agencies focus on shortcuts and short-term gains, we adhere to a thorough and methodical hiring process that results in successful and perfect-fit employment matches. Thanks to our comprehensive and holistic approach, employers and candidates are ensured long-term success.

Our core values

Transparency & Communication

At Supreme Talent, communication is key and full transparency is a basic tenet. Throughout the recruiting process and beyond, we maintain clear and open communication with our clients and candidates.

Excellence & Professionalism

We are committed to delivering outstanding results and maintaining the highest level of professionalism in everything that we do.

Unwavering Determination

We approach every challenge with a steadfast resolve to achieve the best possible outcome. Our relentless pursuit of excellence allows us to deliver outstanding results every time, no matter the challenge at hand.


In a culture that thrives on poaching, prioritizing integrity has become crucial. We maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our interactions with clients, candidates, and colleagues.

Trust & Confidentiality

We honor and protect clients’ and candidates’ privacy, and we ensure that shared information is kept highly confidential.


Find joy in recruitment with Supreme Talent

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