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10 Strategies To Enhance Your Interview Skills

There are many job interview guides out there to help you through the nerve-wracking process but these ten strategies are all you need to know to set you up for success and to help you bring your best self to the table. Interviewing is a learned skill and there are no second chances to make a good first impression – study our ten strategies to help you enhance your interview skills today:

The easiest way to get started in preparing for your interview is to remain calm and relaxed. You need to make sure you are well prepared and dressed appropriately.

Practice Good Non-Verbal Communication: Make Eye Contact  

It’s all about demonstrating exceptional confidence: standing straight and making constant eye contact between the interviewer and yourself. That first non-verbal impression can be a great beginning or a quick ending to your interview.  

Dress appropriately:  

Interview experts say you should “dress for the job or company”. 

It is important to make sure you look professional and are well-groomed.

Whether you wear a suit or something less formal it will depend on the company culture and the position you are currently seeking. If possible, it will be a good idea to call and to find out the company’s dress code before your interview.

Listen carefully: 

From the beginning of your interview, your interviewer is going to provide you with information, either direct or indirect. If you are not listening or understanding it correctly, you are missing vital pieces of information that could slip the opportunity. Good communication skills include listening and letting the person know you have heard what was said. Practice good body language and take notes during your interview – these are some tactics that show that you are listening and seriously interested in the job position.

Don’t talk too much: 

Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could pass as a fatal mistake! When you have not prepared for an interview in advanced you may ramble and lose track of what you are saying during the interview – this could result in talking yourself straight out of the job. Prepare for the interview by reading through the job description thoroughly, matching your skills and experiences to the job being offered, and relaying only that information.

Don’t Be Too Familiar: 

The interview you are attending is a professional meeting to talk about the business and the job offer. This meeting is not about making a new friend. It is important to make sure that you bring a certain level of energy and enthusiasm to the meeting and ask relevant questions but remember to not overstep your place as a candidate looking for a job.

Use Appropriate Language: 

During your interview, you should make use of professional language and be aware of inappropriate slang words or references to age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. These topics could send you out of the door very quickly if raise them.

Your attitude: 

The late Zig Ziglar said ‘’Your attitude determines your altitude’’.  A good positive attitude plays a key role in our interview success.

Answer your questions carefully:

When an interviewer asks you for an example of a time when you completed a specific task or were faced with a challenge or conflict situation and how you dealt with the problem, he is seeking an example of your past behavior. If you fail to relate to a specific example you are missing out on an opportunity to prove yourself and talk about your skills and leadership.

Ask Relevant Questions: 

Part of knowing how to interview is being ready to ask questions and demonstrate an interest in what goes on within the company. Asking questions will also allow you to find out whether the company is the right place for you. Prepare questions around the job description and company culture before your interview. The best questions come from listening to what you have been asked during your interview and asking for more additional information.

Don’t Appear & Come Across Desperate: 

Don’t beg the interviewer for the job. Try and avoid the “Please, please hire me’’ approach.

You will come across as desperate and less confident in your interviewer’s eyes. Remember to keep the three C’s in mind: cool, calm, and confident. You know your skills, you know you can do the job, make sure the interviewer believes you can too.

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