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Recruitment Process Without Mistakes

Now that you’ve decided that a Recruitment Agency is your best bet for finding suitable candidates for your company vacancies, I’m afraid that is the easiest choice you’ll make in kick-starting your recruitment process. There are still a few things you need to consider before you’re ready to have a potential sign on the dotted line. Read below to see the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to their attitude toward recruitment and the process entirely that you should aim to avoid.

  1. Wishy-washy Job Description:

The Recruitment Agency can only find you the right person when you know who you want. In the excitement of expanding your company, don’t get wrapped up in prematurely announcing you’re hiring without determining the essentials of the position and writing a detailed job description. A distinct job description serves as a map for your Recruitment Agency to understand the gaps your company seeks to fill – clearly assessing what duties the job will involve, whom the person will report to, what experience and skills are needed, and what type of personality will work well both in the job and for your company. You wouldn’t embark on an adventure to discover hidden treasures without a map to knowing where that treasure is kept in the first place, right? Right, so equip your Recruitment Agency with a job description that empowers them with the information they, as well as job seekers, need in order to do what they do best and bring you a treasure of valuable (and suitable) candidates. Sitting down and giving this job description careful thought and consideration will ensure you really do hire an employee suited for this position.

  1. Not Getting the Concerned Manager in the Picture: 

The Recruitment Agency you’ve hired to find the best pool of talent should have access to the Hiring Manager for the position. While you might still want to have your finger on every hire in the company, you need to facilitate and support constant communication between the Recruitment Agency and the Hiring Manager. The Recruitment Agency will be sourcing suitable candidates for your company. Your Hiring Manager not only has in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of the job but will also be the person your new hire reports directly to. Communication between these two parties should be a no-brainer.

  1. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: 

An applicant will be truly flustered if they are made to meet different interviewers during the interview process. From the beginning, it is important to define your hiring process and what this entails. It takes some effort for the applicant to introduce themselves and build rapport with a new interviewer every time. Choose key decision-makers in determining a successful hire and have them remain consistent in the hiring process for the respective position. Those who are selected as your key decision-makers need to meet in advance and create a plan to determine who is responsible for asking which questions and what aspect of the applicant’s credentials each person is assessing. While you don’t want to make it seem too easy for the applicant, you also don’t want them jumping through numerous hoops feeling discouraged and not taken seriously.

  1. Having a Preconceived Notion about Whom to Hire: 

A Recruitment Agency is skilled in finding suitable candidates – it is what they do, it is their job. If you’re confident in the clear job description you’ve finalized and presented to the agency, then you need to trust in the agency you’ve hired to do the rest from there. The mistake employers make is idealizing or fantasizing about what the “perfect” candidate will look like, that they aren’t open to receiving any feedback on the candidate they actually need. What this does is create a disadvantageous situation for all other candidates your Recruitment Agency presents to you – candidates who are skilled and truly deserving but miss out because they don’t match what you’ve dreamed about. It’s like walking into a brainstorming session with a fully-fledged and ready idea – you aren’t prepared to see fault and end up making hiring mistakes just to realize your dream/fantasized hire. To truly be open and impartial, you need to trust your job description and your Recruitment Agency to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Listen in Interviews more than you Talking: 

As if interviews weren’t daunting enough, recruiters mistakenly make the process that much more uncomfortable and ridged through one-way interrogations. An interview should allow for a two-way conversation and yes… this means listening more than talking. You can learn far more about the true nature of the candidate by simply listening to what they have to say. Allow your candidate time to think and (thoughtfully) respond to your questions instead of rushing to fill what you think is a moment of awkward silence. Let the candidate listen, process, think, respond and ask questions of their own. In watching how a candidate handles this process, you’ll feel more at ease in determining whether they are “the one” or not.

By enlisting the services of a trusted Recruitment Agency and keeping the above tips in mind, you’ll be 5 mistakes less to a great hire and effortless recruitment process!

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