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LinkedIn Tips to Help Business Owners to Stand Out


As a business owner, improving your visibility on LinkedIn is not only important for your personal brand, but for the reputation of your b business as well.

It’s not uncommon for current or potential employees to investigate businesses online – including who works there, the management team and how the business’s culture and credibility are expressed through it’s employees, management and owners.

LinkedIn is home to the biggest network of trained professionals and is a great space to communicate some important elements about you and your business. Let’s glance through a few LinkedIn profile tips for business owners:

Make yourself public:

The first step to making your profile seen on LinkedIn is giving the public permission to view your profile. LinkedIn allows you to choose levels of privacy so that you can decide what people see or do not see (depending on whether or not you have connected with them).

When you’re fully visible on LinkedIn and on internet searches, then you’re maximizing your potential reach with interested candidates. To make your profile public, visit your profile settings in LinkedIn.

Include a Business URL:

In order to grow and expand your business, LinkedIn gives business owners the opportunity to assign a URL (which makes use of numeric code) to their profile. This can be done by visiting the settings section of your profile and clicking on public profile, which allows you to use your company name in your URL. This is an effective way to highlight your business and ensure that your profile is included in internet searches related to your business as well.

Start building a network: 

As a business owner, you’re likely no stranger to networking. Whilst networking on social platforms like LinkedIn can be a bit different, its still an incredibly effective way of being seen and heard by the right people.

There are two key methods of networking on LinkedIn:

Syncing Contacts: When you first create your profile, LinkedIn will ask if you’d like to sync your contacts. This allows LinkedIn to access contacts from your email accounts and matching email addresses with existing LinkedIn users, so identify people that you might already know on the platform.

Sending Connection Requests: You can also manually send connection requests to other users on LinkedIn. Whilst this can become slightly laborious and time-consuming, its a great way to ensure that you’re connecting with quality, like-minded individuals online.

LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform full of like-minded professionals. The opportunity and potential using LinkedIn is limited only to the time and resources that you have to put into optimizing your profile and your online interactions.

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