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How To Make Good Impression On A Video Interview: Dress for Success!

As remote work becomes the norm and safety remains paramount within the United States, globally around the world, there’s been an increasing number of businesses that are opting for video job interviews over face-to-face when it comes to the hiring process. If you are on the job hunt or currently seeking a job or trying to land an internal position, the chances are you’ll be asked to do a video interview at some point of the hiring process.

Video interviews offer a significant advantage over an in-person meeting. Primarily you’re in control of your environment, so you can set it up the way you feel comfortable. However, this control also means that you need to be more considered in a number of areas, including your backdrop. Your body language and your attire.

Like an in-person interview, what you wear to a virtual interview is just as important and matters! Below, we share some video interview tips to help you dress for success:

Always wear professional attire:

As a recruitment firm, we believe the most important aspect of a video interview is dress code. When you have a video interview, try dress the same as you would for a face-to-face interview with your prospective employer. Not only does it create a good first impression in the eyes of your employer, it makes you feel more confident, and it will enhance your ability to perform well and answer video interview questions more effectively.

It’s also important to ensure you coordinate your top and lower half, many candidates make a big mistake of only dressing up their top half for an interview and not their bottom half during a video interview process. You never know when an unexpected circumstance may arise or where your potential employer asks you to stand up or appear in full frame, make sure you don’t get caught in shorts, or worse PJ’s do you? This would make a poor impression on your interviewer.

Here are a few dress code tips for both men & ladies:

No matter what type of job you are applying for it’s always important to look neat, tidy and professional at all times, even if you’re working remotely from home. Here’s a few tips for both men and woman on how to dress accordingly during a video interview.

Dress code tips for men:

  • Choose a Few Basic Pieces stylish, tasteful and professional.
  • Work with Colors & Layers, not to bright but neutral, stick to navy colours.
  • Choose Light Colored Jacket and Pants to Wear
  • A Sweater and Button-Down Shirt
  • A Navy Blue Blazer
  • Statement Ties
  • Bold Button-Down Shirt
  • Modern Business Formal
  • Go Back to Basics

Dress code tips for ladies:

  • Avoid White Clothing
  • Dress Professionally
  • Add a Pop of Colour
  • Wear Minimal Jewellery
  • Make Sure Your Fully Dressed from Top to Bottom
  • Wear Makeup to Highlight Your Features
  • Try Your Outfit on Before the Big Day

Coordinate with your surroundings:

During your video interview, you have complete control over your environment and your background so make sure you plan where you’re going to conduct the interview ahead of time and ensure your outfit complements your surroundings.   

Remove any distracting elements:

Be sure to remove any distracting items in the background, or bulky jewellery on your body. You want your potential employer to be fully focused on what you have to say rather than be distracted by the glare of your jewellery or other distracting elements in the background of your screen or frame.

Record yourself in what you’re going to wear:

The secret to any video interview is to be fully prepared and to do a trial run before the big day. If you not sure how your attire looks or will work on a video interview, there’s one simple solution: Record yourself wearing interview the clothes on your laptop or desktop that you will be going to use on the selected backdrop or room that you will be having your interview in. When you play the video back, you’ll likely spot some room for improvement.

Remember your ultimate goal is to make the best first impression with your potential employer, so make sure your dress professionally and more importantly dress for success!


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