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How To Build Your ”Employer” Branding & Make People Want To Work For You

1.    Define and communicate your values

Do you know what you stand for? Even more importantly, do your employees? Your brand and your people are defined by your values, so it’s essential that your values are clearly defined and communicated to both current and potential employees, so that they can relate to what your brand really stands for.

This helps you develop and maintain a meaningful connection with potential hires. It offers them a reason for getting in touch with your business beyond just making money, and adds value and purpose to the job offering and work that they will do within your organization.

2.    Set clear expectations

If your job ad is vague or doesn’t include enough information about a position, chances are that the most qualified job seekers will simply ignore it, causing you to miss the chance to engage with your ideal candidate. To grab the attention of the best candidates, it’s vital to make expectations as clear as possible from the get-go.

It’s also important that your employer brand identity is communicated through everything that your post, and that it shines in every interview you conduct. Share meaningful, goal-driven, measurable details with your candidates. Communicating information such as precise responsibilities, tools available for use, skills required to perform well is valuable to good candidates.

3.    Be mindful of working world trends

As COVID-19 recedes and life regains some level of normalcy, it’s a good time to look ahead to some of the talent acquisition and recruitment trends that we seem to be experiencing as a result of massive shifts in the working world. COVID-19 has had a big impact on many facets of HR, and recruiting is no different.

Job seekers and employees have expectations and ideals for their work life that look very different than they did two years ago, and it’s important to take employee expectations and preferences into account when looking to hire and retain top-talent.

This includes trends like remote interviewing and remote working; flexible hours; diversity and inclusion; benefits and work perks, and upskilling. Your employer brand should be able to define what will make a job seeker devote their time to your business and project instead of another one.

4.    The importance of employee feedback

Feedback isn’t just constructive criticism and instruction from the top down. Feedback should be a two-way street and that goes for new employees too. Get their feedback on how things are going right from the start so you can ensure each new hire has the resources they need to succeed and a great experience with your employer brand from day one. In order to get this information, you need to put open-ended, regular, and consistent feedback systems in place.

5.    Measure and improve

Numbers are vital to your HR expert, the recruiter working with your business, or your managers. Everyone involved in the onboarding and selection process relies on a meaningful measuring and reporting process in order to better their efforts and recruit more effectively.

Whilst employee feedback and open-ended questions are great for analysing employee sentiment towards your employer brand efforts, you also need other forms of data to create a holistic idea of how you’re performing.

Almost every element of your hiring process can provide you with measurable data. For example: what platform have you managed to find the best, most qualified people for your business on? What kind of ads do people respond to the most? Tracking the success of your employment efforts will help you and your team in all your future endeavors and even help you boost employee loyalty, as well.


Every business can benefit from a strong employer brand identity. Focus on these five aspects in your hiring strategy, and you’ll get a better chance to hire the right people for your organization!

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