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Communication Is Key


Communication is an essential skill for everyone, and it is especially important when applying for jobs. Applicants who can clearly and effectively communicate can make a strong first impression and demonstrate to employers that they can express themselves professionally.

Effective communication will not only help applicants build relationships with potential employers, but it will also demonstrate one’s ability to engage in thoughtful conversations and exemplify their knowledge of the company and industry, which will leave a lasting impression to employers or recruiters.

However, effective communication is demonstrated not only by how well a candidate converses with the recruiter, but also by how responsive, interactive, and engaging a candidate is even before the request for an interview is made.

Establishing an open communication with the recruiter:

One must undergo an application process before landing a job and being able to clearly and effectively communicate with the hiring managers or recruiters is a key to successfully getting the job, just as important as having a proper resume to attract recruiters’ attention. It is critical that applicants maintain an open line of communication with the recruiter. It is important to stay in contact with potential employers and keep them up to date on your application progress.

Open communication is about much more than being able to answer the phone. When hiring managers or recruiters reach out to meet with you, you should be responsive the same day. Don’t make it difficult for them to contact you because doing so will give the impression that the job is not urgent to you. Be honest with the recruiter, if your schedule is too full, you can kindly ask for a change in the interview timetable to ensure you can make it on time for the meeting. After all, managing the expectations of your recruiters is an illustration of what constitutes professional behavior.

Effective communication during interview:

It is customary when applying for a job to arrive promptly for any appointments or to be available for phone calls and virtual meetings, should the recruiter request them. To show preparedness, before the interview, make sure everything is ready by checking to see if your virtual meeting tool, camera, and microphone are functional. Even though the interview will take place virtually, make sure to present yourself impressively, dress yourself well by maintaining professional demeanor and attire. Keep in mind there is no “second chance” to make a good first impression.

Now, to start your interview, you   should acknowledge your interviewer by greeting them, you may say “Good morning, Mr. Peter ” or “Good day, Mr. John ”. You can start off on the right foot, by expressing gratitude for getting the opportunity to talk about your background and suitability for the job as well as by simply addressing them by name. Give them your full attention throughout their conversation with you. Keep your eyes in contact. Look into the camera, and not sideways, make eye contact, keep your distance and wait until they are finished speaking before asking any questions or making any interruptions. Additionally, make sure your body language shows that you are paying attention, and always say thank you to conclude the conversation.

To prepare yourself for your interview, it is important that you research the company or the job opportunity for the position you’re applying for. It is great if you prepare yourself with interview questions. When meeting a potential employer, A key to maintaining a good impression is to never bring up or discuss your salary during your first meeting. You want to talk about your experiences and skills, not your pay, so the focus is around you and about the job.

To help you, here are top questions you should absolutely ask an interviewer:

  1. What’s the next step in the interview/hiring process?
  2. How long does your recruitment process usually take?
  3. What are the primary responsibilities of the position?
  4. What would my day-to-day routine look like if I got the job?
  5. What can you tell me about the job apart from what was in the description?
  6. What is the key to succeeding in this role?
  7. What does the onboarding process look like for new hires?
  8. How many people will I be working with?
  9. If I were hired for the position, what would be the ideal starting date?
  10. Do you expect the responsibilities for this role to change in the near future?

If you’re clear on the ins and outs of your position and role, you can then move on to larger and more general questions to ask an interviewer. For the course of your conversation, make sure to be a great listener, never interrupt, and always respond to the questions promptly and clearly.

Always say thank you at the conclusion of the interview and make sure to follow up after 3 days with a letter or email to express your gratitude and enthusiasm for the position.

Overall, communication is key to a successful job search. Effective communication can help you stand out from the competition and when applying for a job, effective communication can help you make a strong impression.  By being responsive, courteous, and proactive, you can create a positive impression and increase your chances of getting hired.

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